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Sample Projects

  • Sirva, Inc was a moving and relocation provider that received over 30 material weaknesses in its SOX 404 compliance in 2004 and 2005. Slash Pine Ventures (the predecessor firm to Agility), provided its SOX PLUS solution. Sirva reduced its material weakness to 2 in 2006
  • Grant Prideco was a manufacturer in the oil and gas industry that received a no compliance letter from its auditors in September 2004. Slash Pine provided its SOX PLUS solution, successfully completing the project on time in March 2005.
  • Input/Output is a seismic company that was seeking a SOX solution in 2004. Slash Pine provided its SOX PLUS solution to implement a turnkey solution in 2004 and again in 2005.
  • SulphCo was an oil and gas technology company that was seeking a cost effective SOX solution in 2007. Agility provided its downsized SOX PLUS LITE solution, did a turnkey SOX implementation and provided an outsource compliance solution.
  • Epic Energy Resources went public via a reverse merger in 2006 and completed acquisition of $70 million in revenues in 2007. Agility prepared Epic’s 8-K filings (including pro formas), the financial section of its S-1A registration statement and its 10-K and 10-Q filings.
  • New Century was a small public exploration and production company that needed a part-time CFO to assist with SEC Reporting, finance and operation management. Agility provided an acting CFO to work two to three days a week or as needed and guided the company thru a chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • American Medical Technologies is a small dental manufacturer that was seeking a cost effective SOX solution. Agility provided a turnkey SOX implementation for less than $35,000.
  • Complete Production Services is a $1.5 billion public company that used Agility to provide interim internal audit personnel to perform audits as directed by the Audit Director.
  • Branta was a small E & P company that discovered and developed a significant find in Utah and sold the company for $100 million. Agility provided Controller and tax services for Branta dundg 2010 thru early 2012.
  • Hunt Global Resources is a composited company that is attempting to develop and mine fracing sand. Agility was engaged to take the company public via a reverse merger and susequently providing technical SEC and financial reporting services to the company from late 2010 to mid 2012.
  • ENGlobal is a $300 million public engineering and construction company that needed a SOX solution in 2009 and assistance with its reorganization and technical financial reporting in 2012. Agility implemented its SOX Plus solution in 2009 and is currently providing SEC/Financial Reporting services for ENGlobal.
  • Aloterra is a startup alternative energy company that engaged Agility to provide part time CFO/Controller services in 2012.
  • Synthesis Energy Systems is a public coal gasification that engaged Agility to provide its SOX Plus solution and ongoing outsource SOX/Internal Audit services since 2010.

"The difference in the Agility business model is it is focused on providing a successful solution and solving problems. We lead projects instead of following a plan that does not work."

- John Bingham
Managing Director